Ron Wiener's 2022 update:

  • Drama Groups - I am now running online, on zoom, two improvisation groups. The first is on Tuesday mornings (UK time) and is a continuation of the group I used to run at '7' in Leeds. The second is an international improvisation theatre group that meets on Thursday evenings (UK time). Both groups have limited vacancies. If interested please contact me
  • Mentoring and Supervision. - These sessions continue both live and on zoom, skype, WhatsApp and are particularly offered to those interested in sociodrama.
  • A health Trust has recommissioned Chai Cup, the Asian theatre company where I am the artistic director to produce a further play about the pandemic and its effect on mental health in the South Asian community. The play is in rehearsal and will have live performances in early summer. Earlier plays are available on You Tube.
  • I am a founder member of ISCAN ( the International Sociodrama and Creative Action Methods network) which runs workshops both on zoom and live. Recently we have run workshops on: the climate catastrophe, anti-racism; ageing; supervision and how to use sociodrama on zoom. Using zoom we have workshops in America, Germany, Ukraine,Turkey and in collaboration with Teledrama appealing to a world wide audience. ISCAN also runs Action Learning Sets and a Drop In for its members.
  • In Spring the Turkish edition of Sociodrama in a Changing World will be published. In the autumn I will be running a workshop in London on global warming at a conference on Psychodrama Healing in Action.
  • If interested in any of these projects please contact me at or go to our website or look for us on google and other sites
Dr Ron Wiener