Ron Wiener's 2024 update:

  • Sociodrama Work

    Continuing as part of ISCAN ( the International Sociodrama and Creative Action Network). We are exploring ways to produce a more interactive website.

    Running Workshops with Di Adderly.

    a) as part of ISCAN - a fortnightly sociodrama support group for Ukranian psychodramatists.

    b) As part of Tele’Drama (where I am a visiting fellow) – recent workshops include topics such as Global Warming, the exploration of the supervisor/supervisee relationship and the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse. In January 2024 we will run a workshop on Online v In person sociodrama sessions using global boiling as the subject matter as part of an online series of workshops leading up to the 8th International Sociodrama Conference in June in Budapest

  • I will be running a workshop at the 8th conference where I have been a member of the international ctte. helping to plan the conference.

  • Community Psychology work

    Part of 2 groups – psychologists for social change (psc) and a local Community Psychology interest group.

    At the end of 2003 I ran workshops for the Leeds Child Psychology SIG and for psc exploring how psychologists address societal issues.

  • Drama Work

    My Tuesday morning zoom improv. group continues to run and is open to new participants. It is now co-facilitated with Jacomien Ilbrink from the Netherlands.

    At the end of 2023 i was invited back to Belfast to help set up a community drama project where drama students from the Netherlands worked with different community groups to create short drama performances highlighting issues in their area. My book Community Action: The Belfast Experience might well be republished as part of this project.

  • Writing

    The account of the work in Ukraine was published in 2023 in the BPA Tele.

    My poetry book – The Barefoot Therapist – was published in October 2023 under the pen name of Brian Shepherd. The poems tell the story of trying to establish a therapeutic community within a traditional mental health setting and the work/life costs involved as well as stories of the patients. The book has 5 star reviews from therapists such as Rebecca Walters in America. A reading of some of the poems can now be found on my YouTube Channel The Barefoot Therapist . Please contact me for further information.

Dr Ron Wiener